Our Conversations Are Dying

Having a decent great conversation and leaving everyone fulfilled, enlightened and entertained by having shared memories and insights on a variety of issues is one of the great joys of life.

Unfortunately many people have forgotten what it feels like as they have been quite used to getting information online and communicating back quite passively with “lols”, gifs and memes.

It’s sad then when you witness adults – like full blown homo-sapiens, who occupy the very top of life’s food chain, hanging out together at a meet-up attempt to hide their 10-pound full-sized head behind a Dual-edge,5.5-inchQuad HD Super AMOLED phone.

I get it. They do this out of habit or out of boredom.

But I believe a lot of people are losing the art of having open decent conversations that isn’t bordered on arguments of politics and humdrum of whatever is the latest gossip of the moment. This affects the depth of most friendships and relationships.

What if instead of just small-talk, we seek to explore each other’s philosophy and depth on life’s knotty issues- view on sexuality, religion, kids, Syria, sex, money, after-life, values, pensions, global warming, Nigeria and investment.

Let’s allow ourselves to be a little more open.

A little more vulnerable and vocal. Use Your Voice.

Be less guarded and more giving.

Less passive and more active. Contribute to the conversation: ask a question, give am insight, critique a generalisation or adage, probe beyond the surface.

The magic of a great conversation cannot be underestimated. It can transform emotions, change minds, smoothen rough patches, broaden horizons, shift paradigms and all sorts of miracles really..

That’s the gift of your voice.

Each person’s voice is like a fine piece of equipment that can play various tunes- cajole, command, console, pray, condemn, bless, curse, praise, mimic, appreciate and a 100 other different things.

So next time you find yourself hanging with a bunch of different folks, put your phone behind and discuss with those in front of you.

Same shit goes for couples also. Same shit goes for couples also.

Yes I know it can be hard to have those conversations, but sometimes timing and emotional intelligence will help to discuss about finances, future, foreplay and fuck all.

Stop using your phone as a stone-wall or the refuge you run to when obviously there are issues on the table.

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