Attitude is Everything

Reframe Your Personal Story

All birds find shelter during the rain. But the Eagle avoids rain by flying above the clouds. Problems are common, but attitude makes the difference! Don’t be content to wake up in the morning and not do anything meaningful nor set targets for yourself within 24 hours of a day. Self inflation is being paid […]

How to Solve a Problem

My garden, millipedes and IPOB

In my home we have a nice little garden. It’s a beautiful spot to host guests, do barbecues, have the kids swim in a blowup pool, impromptu prayer meetings and chill out. But lately we had a problem. We were besieged by millipedes. Like these hundred-legged crawling insects are all over the place in their […]

Wandering Eyes

Stay Loyal to Your Hustle

Guys, you know the feeling you get when you’re stuck in traffic with your boo in the passenger seat and she’s staring at the driver of every exotic looking Mercedes-Benz or Jaguar that passes by? And you’re silently wondering if she’s a material or just really into fast cars? Ladies, do you know the feeling […]

Coming of Age

What is Maturity?

#ComingOfAge It is generally assumed that with Age comes with wisdom and experience. However it should be noted that sometimes old age comes alone. Na only am waka come. If you’re past a certain age but still take pride in things you should have dropped a decade ago; you’re definitely getting older without getting wiser. […]

Be All You Can Be!

People like their food cooked a certain way, they’ll read only certain types of books or blogs & also have a preference for certain types of movies or DSTV channels. They also like artists acting a specific role, e.g. Patience Ozokwor the wicked mother-inlaw. Or Jason Statham the plain-dressed hero with great driving and fighting […]

Strength in Diversity

We belong together

I think Nigeria is uniquely positioned for greatness naturally by virtue of our diversity.   The American Industrial Revolution and technological revolution happened largely because they have since encouraged diversity through immigration and acceptance of skilled labour from all across the world- the Italians and their art and taste, the Africans with their immense strength […]

Choosing the Right Woman

case studies from the Bible

A woman got the first man- Adam thrown out of Eden. A woman got the strong man- Samson’s eyes gouged out and thrown into prison with hard labour. A woman caused the good man- Joseph to get thrown into prison. A woman made King David turn from God. A thousand women made the wise man- […]

Give It Time!

Discovering the Magic of Time.

GIVE IT TIME   1. When someone comes and tells you, “I can’t sleep without you, I love you the way you are and I can put up with your good and bad attitude”, before you commit your heart to such a person, please, GIVE IT TIME.   2. When You just met someone today […]

Repsect Your Hustle

The Morality of Doing Business with Talent

Do you usually find yourself suckered into providing your services for free to family and friends? I know many doctors and lawyers who are close friends of mine. Many struggle with this one thing. They have a reprehensible fear of charging family and friends for personal services. Young consultants just starting out, coaches of every […]

The 80/20 Principle in Nigerian Business

Gaining More Customers

Dominos Pizza has an awful long waiting queue every day of the week and it’s worse on weekends. Approximately 10 new orders every 15 minutes. Yet they deliver each order in 15mins. The old pizza shop nearby (whose pizza tasyes better by the way) has owed it’s staff the last 3 months and is on […]