Do I have a dual-personality?

So my online friends & followers seem to assume that I’m some sort of “all business no playtime” type of person. So whenever they call me up for business advice or to buy my book, and they are mostly like “yes sir”, “okay sir”, “sorry for disturbing your money making process sir”…. etc. Bhet why? […]

Know When to Sack Yourself

This afternoon intravenous injection 💉 for common sense is for all CEOs, business owners and smart hustlers out there, whose ego have outsized their current job functions. In the beginning when you started your business, the first few months you tried so hard to please your customers and attract new referrals through word of mouth […]

Mind Who You Share Your Dreams With

  Growing up I was confused… You see my Bible didn’t say anything about young Joseph owning a larger farmland or posessing far more cattle than any of his brothers. All it said was that he dreamt it. Dream fa! He had not even set out to attain this dream as a goal. Yet his […]

The Lies We Hear About Marketing

People think they need to be at 10,000 followers before dishing out their best content or cashing out BIG time on I.G I am not one of those people. I have been dishing out great content since my 1900 Blackberry Bold waaay before 10k followers on the gram. But dont get me wrong 10,000 is […]

Na Dem Dey Rush You?

During a coaching call, after sharing some marketing ideas with a new client who is into home cleaning services, she asks me, “But Coach, won’t some people laugh at me?” I replied, “So what? At least you have their attention and a reaction! The worst thing you can be doing is putting out content and […]

Have You Ever Been Misled by Google?

Just the other day I went to visit a friend at Brookshore Estate, Karsana somewhere in the suburbs of Abuja, to check out farm project. My friend told me specifically where to drive to; and he will meet me up and bring me to his farm. But I was feeling like The Smart Hustler and […]

The Needless Pursuit of Materialism

Life is in phases. Men are in sizes. Live each phase per size. Whether you arrive the event in a Honda Accord 2012 model or drive the 2018 Benz, the road traffic + potholes hasn’t changed much eh? Whether you ate a full English breakfast this morning or last night’s leftover dinner, the outcome is […]

Stop Relying on Beer Parlour Knowledge

Eagles don’t take advice from vultures on how to catch prey. Neither do wolves don’t take advice on how to howl from dogs. Asking a neighbour or your parents about what they think of your new business idea, network marketing, or career choice when they’ve NEVER done anything similar can be compared to a young […]

The Story of an Old Crocodile

Strategy vs. Tactics

The old crocodile was floating at the rivers edge when a younger crocodile swam up next to him. Ive heard from many that youre the fiercest hunter in all of the river. Please, teach me yourways. Awoken from a nice long afternoon nap, the old crocodile glanced at the young crocodile with one of his […]

Patience & Persistence from a 2 year old girl

You see this picture? 👇🏾 It took us nearly 10 minutes to get it right! Yes I said “us” because it was a combined mission led by 3 people- father, mother & nanny. Baby girl just wouldn’t stay still & smile for the camera despite all the pleading, coercing, coaching, bribing, promises and foolery that […]