Before You Say “I Do”

The rate of divorce in Nigeria will climb higher as female empowerment surpasses male entitlement. Men are yet to accept reality. Now a lot of men will find this truth a bit hard to swallow. But it is a fact. The world you perhaps grew up in during the ’80s and ’90s with your father’s […]

Conspiracy of Silence

Many evils are committed daily across the country but very few times does anyone ever dare speak out, for fear of the unknown. Instead we CHOOSE to suffer silently. With muffled sounds we weep. We grumble and murmur. Afraid that if we scream out loud we may be accused of making a hate speech and […]

Jealousy breeds Acrimony

Discussing Some of Our Deadly Emotions

For the last two months, many of my friends asked my opinion on Tyler Perry’s latest movie, Acrimony. Now I don’t intend to make this a movie review, but I think somethings must be straigtened out on how we manage our darker emotions and the effect on our decision making process. Envy is quite simple […]

Our Conversations Are Dying

Having a decent great conversation and leaving everyone fulfilled, enlightened and entertained by having shared memories and insights on a variety of issues is one of the great joys of life. Unfortunately many people have forgotten what it feels like as they have been quite used to getting information online and communicating back quite passively […]

Use Your Voice

Strengthening Our Democracy- One Voice at a Time

Yesterday morning I got a flurry of phone calls and messages from concerned friends and well-wishers who saw a news report that was posted by Sahara Reporters on my encounter with the Nigerian Police Force. Some folks were of the opinion that I request Sahara Reporters to take down the report so I am not […]

What Colour is Your Guardian Angel?

The Need to Think about Your Thinking

The default settings of the human mind over time should be subjected to certain questions as your mind gets exposed to new insights, ideas and ideals. But if you’re still thinking the same way as you thought when you were back at the University, then are you really growing? You may be growing old without […]

The Evolution of Juju

Science or Sceance?

A friend of mine who is also a brilliant medical doctor, Obinna Aligwekwe, tells the story of how in the olden days, when one was suspected of stealing or witch-craft, one was given the Calabar Bean seed to swallow to prove innocence. The order was to SWALLOW it. Those who were afraid or knew they […]

Life Lessons from the Electric Eel

Lately I came across this story and so got to learn more about the Fish called The Electric Eel. Actually, the full name is Electrophorus Electricus.Not that calling it by its full name will save you from electrocution if you attempt holding it in your hands. Anyways… The fish is commonly found in the Amazon […]

What Story Are You Telling Yourself?

An argument for better thinking and reframing out thoughts

The world we live in is built on stories. Stories that define our experience of this thing called life.   Man created its gods and worshipped them.   It created its rules and followed them.   It created its games and the heroes.   Occupations and hobbies and studied them.   We depend on these […]

Are You Selling to the Wrong Market?

Christians believe that God sent his only begotten son to die for the sins of the world. And yet two thousand and eighteen years (2018) later…not everybody is a Christian! Imagine that? Now, does the Pope get frustrated about this fact and make an attempt to go to the Middle East, India and China to […]