Don’t Take Your Ducks to Eagle School

it wont work!

Years ago, when I first heard this truism from the great Jim Rohn… it struck me as being a tad bit too fatalistic, but I’ve since found out it’s TRUE. You see, taking a duck to Eagle Heights International High School, may teach the duck to fly slightly higher than they’re used to. However that […]

Based on a True Story

Testimony on the Smart Hustler Game-Plan

On the 14th of February 2018, I gave an offer on my Instagam page: @askebuka to coach the first 5 people as my Valentine’s Day giveaway. A lady quickly took me up on the offer, that was the first smart thing… The following day, we had a 45minutes conversation over the phone and laid out […]

The Difference between Price vs. Value

I bought a book, The Blue Ocean Strategy back in 2012 for N3,000. It is such a great read! Later on, I repackaged and converted part of the information I gained from the book into a fun, hands-on 3-day training programme. As at today, the Applied Skills for Business Innovation has earned our organization over […]

The Smart Street Hawker

Excerpt from The Smart Hustler Playbook

A groundnut seller who is smart will go about football fields, public parks and bus parks shouting “Sweet groundnut” and when a request is made, she is willing to give you a stranger a handful to taste. Her conversion rate from prospect to customer is 80%. Such is the power of practising the Law of […]

Don’t Blame the Playing Field.

Accepting Responsibility

For the last 3 years and 6 months, many Nigerians have been used to blaming the economy, APC, Buhari and even poor village people for ALL of their financial troubles. People hardly ever blame themselves. Agreed the times could be better, but if people you know are STILL daily building new houses, buying up lands, […]

Who Killed the Cat?

Curiosity was framed!

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat. Most likely it was ignorance or stupidity that did the job. Curiosity just so happened to be the fall guy who took the blame. The problem with that crime is that most people won’t follow curiosity. Since it has been given such a bad name. So instead of asking questions, […]

Who Do Me Dis Tin?

Shifting from the Christmas palaver and group-madness

See eh me sef no wan shout. I’m not in a good mood. But if as December 1st land, you begin dey hyperventilate plus hyperactive unto say Christmas don land…. Slap yourself twice!! If you dey find sharp deal wey you fit take use go shopping with moni wey you no use eye take see […]

Prison Outreach

Getting Prisoners Enlightened and Educated

Our visit to Keffi Medium Security Prison that held on Friday the 30th of November was quite memorable and insightful. It was my first time ever jnside a prison. We were 11 volunteers in total from both the *Rainmakers Book-club* and *You Project*. There were 568 males in custody according to the tally count. We […]

Be As Useful As a Swiss-Knife

If you drop me anywhere in the world, the truth is I will not just survive, I will thrive. It may take a while, but we will rise again like Ijebu garri. I’m not bragging o… it’s just that with the multiple skills that I have developed over the last 15 years, means that whether […]

Prison Break!

Unshackled From Mental Slavery

To change a nation starts with changing the mindset of the people- young or old, rich or poor, free man or prisoner, saint or sinner. I have been brainstorming with ways of doing this, and together with Hadiza Shettima we started the RainmakersBookClub as platforms to engineer social change. Last week we partnered with an […]