Patience & Persistence from a 2 year old girl

You see this picture? 👇🏾

It took us nearly 10 minutes to get it right! Yes I said “us” because it was a combined mission led by 3 people- father, mother & nanny.

Baby girl just wouldn’t stay still & smile for the camera despite all the pleading, coercing, coaching, bribing, promises and foolery that 2 year old kids make their parents go through in an attempt to take the “perfect shot”.

They really test your patience… I’ve had to take several very deep breaths (I learnt this from Coach Samuel) but maybe I even need more lessons on meditation (or medication) before going to a studio for family portraits!

But I learnt something through it all… Brethren most what we see on the social media are just the highlights… no one sees the 89 failed attempts… just like life!

What have you been failing at? Keep trying, learning, failing forward.

Happy Sunday family

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