Positive Psychology Rant

on why words matter

How dare you talk to yourself the way you sometimes tend to do?

How dare you do you that?

Going around trash-talking yourself and downplaying on your talents and skills?

If a friend said the same hurtful words you sometimes hurl at yourself, how long will you remain friends?

You quickly forget your past achievements and blot out the more interesting aspects of your life.

You choose only to replay the hurtful moments over and over and over again. Like replaying the scene from the Titanic movie where Jack died and skipping every other part until you’re just soaked in your tears.

Wait, are you a psychopath?

I only ask because words matter.

Your words can escalate or descalate a situation.

Words create and shape legacy.

Words give life or take life.

Words are created from what has gone into your mind and what you believe.

Take care about what goes into your mind. You come finally to believe anything you tell yourself often enough even if it is not true!

So be a psychopath! But be damn sure it’s for telling yourself superlative words like: “I am the greatest Daddy ever!” or “I can do all things through Christ” or “I believe I can fly” or “I am the best you ever had”.

Believe in yourself. The world will come around.


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