Possibly the Best Career Advice You’ll Ever Have

Life is in Phases. Men are in Sizes.

When in your 20s, focus on learning horizontally and laterally on a wide range of skills.

So in your 30s you should have carved out a niche for yourself and still have an accessory of skills, vast contacts and broad experience in various fields which will that gives you perspective.

When in your 40s, you can then seek to gain complete Mastery and the 10,000 hours rule should have kicked in and you’re regarded as a guru of sorts.

And in your 50s and 60s you can totally dominate globally and be recognised as a notable authority.

Life is in phases. Men are in sizes. Live each phase per time.

There are things God will do, but there are also some which you must do for yourself like using Google to seek out great sources of learning.

It makes no sense just praying and hoping for a change of fortune, for the country to get better, for someone to locate you, for a dream job to land on your lap. Without doing anything while waiting.

I believe that Gods grace can make a way when there seems to be no way and get you in the door of key decision makers.

Now before that happens, you should concern yourself with your attitude and aptitude.

Give God a break. Upgrade yourself and make your life a Blockbuster!


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