Prayer for Nigeria in Distress

When I was younger, I used to hear our parish priest say a prayer for our leaders and for the Pope. I used to say those prayers also but quite half-heartedly; I thought to myself, why should I pray for them? They already have it good. Besides are they saying a prayer for me? Do they even know my name?

But now I’m older. I’ve put such childish thoughts behind me. Now I find myself praying for Nigeria and it’s leaders more often. I reason that they are the ones really controlling the strings of our daily existence. From price of fuel down to prices of the dollar. Your entire financial year is based on the whims of a politician or an appointee who without prayers can lead us all into a financial quagmire.

I pray for the leaders because even when I allowed myself to think for a minute, “This Buhari administration will be different”, yet I still find the headlines of my daily newspaper smeared with a dirty headline like: Nigeria’s 2016 Budget Goes Missing! Frankly it is downright embarrasing as I thought we were over with such shameless public display of impunity with the immediate past administration. It turns out I was wrong. The only thing that changed was the wardrobe of most politicians, appointees and contractors.

Pray for Nigeria, because even though we each wish and hope for nothing but the very best for our individual selves or family, it turns out most of us are selfish and don’t always necessarily wish the same for the entire country. It is better to be a reign in hell than a peer amongst equals, that’s how 80% Nigerian politicians think (Or so I think from observation). So they’d rather divert monies meant for construction of a public road as a community project, they opt to use of their allocated constituency funds and buy bullet-proof G-Wagons instead.

So we must pray for them. That the Almighty God grants them the requisite wisdom or significant emotional events that will cause them to have a change of heart like Pharoah or else we would all be headed straight towards a major sink of our finances and GDP for a really long time. No more hide and seek.

Let us pray:

All powerful and merciful Father, You are the God of‎ Justice, Love and Peace. You rule over all the Nations ‎on earth. Power and Might are in Your hands and No ‎one can withstand You.

We present Our country Nigeria before You. We praise ‎and thank You for You are the source of all We have ‎and are. We are sorry for all the sins We have committed and for the good deeds We failed to do.

In‎ Your Loving forgiveness, keep Us safe from the
punishments We deserve. Lord, We are weighed down ‎not only by uncertainties, but also by moral, economic ‎and political problems.

Listen to the cries of your people who confidently turn ‎to you. God of infinite goodness, Our strength in ‎adversity, Our health in weakness, Our comfort in ‎sorrow, Be merciful to Us Your people. Spare this ‎Nation Nigeria from chaos, anarchy and doom. Bless ‎Us with your kingdom of Justice, Love and Peace.

We ask this through Christ Our Lord, Amen.‎

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