Prayer for Nigeria in Distress

It is a few more days left to the long-awaited Presidential elections, many Nigerians are hoping for the best – we’re die-hard optimists after all, perhaps it has something to do with the plethora of churches… But many more are still expecting the worst to happen, if the infamous doom prediction by the American people that we as a nation would collapse by 2015 is anything to go by or the cancelled Presidential elections of 1993. Are they going to drop a bomb or not?

The tension is real and palpable, even though it is only spoken by a few top-placed government officials in hushed-down tones. However when you go to the bus parks, bank queues, beer parlours and hang-outs, the word on everyone’s lips is triggered by fear. This is going to be one of the most divisive elections yet. Security reports and briefings are holding in nearly every embassy and MNOCs. Peace rallies and campaigns are also being organised by concerned civil rights groups. Cash reserves in USD and dry food are being stockpiled. For those who can afford it, visas are being procured and flight tickets to safe havens are silently being purchased.

I really do hope the Federal Government can pull off a miracle by ensuring peace and security during and after the elections just like they did with managing the Ebola crises. Which is one of the biggest feats of the administration… I wonder why they didn’t politicize that in their campaigns and advertorials?

All the same, I really hope we as a people can keep the fragile peace. Burnt cars, bombs and bullets are non-partisan by nature. But merely hoping is not a strategy neither is it a factor in productivity. So it is best to plan ahead. Stockpile on the essentials like food, water, medication, fuel and have some spare cash at hand.

On a final note, I hope INEC, GEJ and GMB can do the right thing and abide by fair play and rule of law. Nigeria is bigger than anybody’s ego. You either protect your citizens or you protect your ego. You can’t go both at once.

May God help us all, and may we also learn to help ourselves. As a young Catholic I can recall that we’ve all been praying for Nigeria in distress, ever since I was a teenager! I think now is the time to double up on such prayers and hopefully somehow we can avert the upcoming storm.


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