Prayer is Not a Shopping List

When you pray, don’t assume God to be some sort of shopping assistant on Jumia. Or think that Heaven is some sort of candy shop for Christians to pick from.

Don’t ask God for a flashy Mercedes Benz (just so you can oppress/impress His other children), or for the new iPhone, Samsung Curved T.V, Vera Wang dresses or Christian Louboutin shoes.

Pagans and atheists acquire these without muttering a half-prayer… so they can’t really can’t qualify as “blessings”.

Instead when you pray, ask God for wisdom, patience, love, well-mannered kids, good health & peace of mind. Seek for the intangible values and virtues that without them, all the money in the world would literally turn to ash and dust in your mouth.

Prayer isn’t meant to be a shopping list. It is intended to reinvent us to become better versions of former selves.

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