Prison Break!

Unshackled From Mental Slavery

To change a nation starts with changing the mindset of the people- young or old, rich or poor, free man or prisoner, saint or sinner.

I have been brainstorming with ways of doing this, and together with Hadiza Shettima we started the RainmakersBookClub as platforms to engineer social change.

Last week we partnered with an NGO, You:Project and brainstormed on the idea of a prison visit, we decided to also set-up up a bookclub within the Keffi Prison.

The Prison Books outreach goes beyond just donating books. We want to cause a mental shift, a break from mental slavery and renewal of the mind.

We want the convicts and those awaiting trial to fall in love with the books and not use them as tissue paper to wipe their butts or rolling paper to smoke weed! They must see books as a visa to a new life.

To do this, we will be speaking to inmates tomorrow, Friday 30th November, and also setting up structures for a vibrant reading culture and of course bringing more books in the future!

I think this outreach is important simply because the prisoners are the most overlooked, abandoned and neglected people on our society.

Did you know that 40% of prisoners havent been convicted yet? They are awaiting trial for years!!!

Did you know that most prisoners find their way back to prison within a year of release?

Did you know that some of these prisoners even find prison as being better than the outside world?

Did you know that most of the roadside car wash services are run by ex-convicts?

Did you know that developing a reading culture within our prisons can greatly reduce crime-rates and increase the productivity of our workforce?

Now that you know all these, please indicate if you want to contribute even if its 1 or 2 books!

Also volunteer sometime to see the inside of a prison wall… expand your experience and expose yourself to life other side.

You’ll forever be changed. See pictures below of the contributions from some members of the Rainmakers Bookclub today.

Thanks to: Doro Ukey-Udeh, Tolulope Cole Ekwe, Yejide Bello Olu-Adewakun for the books, Khadija for the meals and all others who have made this possible.

Thumbs up to Robert for the initiative.

May God bless your hearts ❤❤❤ ❤

To join the Rainmakers Bookclub, simply reply this email. Must be based in Abuja though…


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