Prison Outreach

Getting Prisoners Enlightened and Educated

Our visit to Keffi Medium Security Prison that held on Friday the 30th of November was quite memorable and insightful. It was my first time ever jnside a prison.

We were 11 volunteers in total from both the *Rainmakers Book-club* and *You Project*.

There were 568 males in custody according to the tally count.

We had about 200 of those inmates attend our one hour seminar. Many of whom are graduates and some were undergoing their B.Sc and M.Sc degrees at the National Open University inside the prison.

We shared with them our belief that the future is greater than the past, destiny is in the decisions we make daily and that every human life is valuable.

We had an Hausa translator @⁨Rome Ferdinand⁩ who translated while we spoke in both Pidgin and English.

We got firm commitments from 40% of attending inmates to read and teach other inmates who couldn’t read or wouldn’t read.

We handed the books, toiletries and food to the wardens.

Take-away Points:

1. Most of the inmates are innocent, the prison warden in charge of welfare put this figure as high as 80%

2. The inmates showed a zeal for learning and passion for self-development. Many expressed that they will appreciate of we could sponsor them to join the National Open University. Cost is just N5,000.

3. During the “Thank You Speech”, an inmate expressed that while they appreciate our kind gestures; we need to put pressure on the Nigerian Judiciary to fast-track the hearing process of court cases. As many were in jail for 5-years upwards for the most minor infractions such as flouting curfew, loitering and fighting in a bar.

4. The prison was surprisingly clean and well kept, the wardens were congenial and there was mutual respect between inmates and wardens.

5. If you can’t breakout of a prison, then do the next best thing and have a mental breakthrough and unshackle your mind from mental slavery.

Thank you everyone for your contributions. I think we should do a more meaningful longer seminar with them next year.

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