Purpose is like a Pregnant Woman

Do you know it takes 9 months for a baby to get formed? Of course this is hardly breaking news to anyone by now. Unless you’re an alien or suffering from a rare form of amnesia.

It also takes around nine (9) years of formal education for the average child to finally get into secondary school and start dealing with the madness of puberty, pimples and the complexity of making new friends while also finding ‘x’ in difficult Maths equations all at once.

Do you think that God in all his awesomeness couldn’t just make babies come fully developed in just 9 days? I mean it takes only 30 minutes to build a Toyota Corolla in factory these days. And barely 3 minutes to prepare a hot plate of noodles.

But you’re more than a Corolla. So much more than even Indomie noodles. So it took 270 days (nine months) to fully form you. I guess, perhaps it also takes that long, so that new parents can grow and adjust mentally, emotionally, socially and financially into their new shoes.

Come to think of it, I guess it would be horrible for a guy who had a one-night stand last week, have the same girl ring your doorbell nine days later with a newborn baby wrapped in baby pink blanket congratulating you as a new father! If that’s not the definition of stress, I don’t know what else is there.


Where are we going with this?

Your dream, purpose and aspiration will take time to master and develop. I’m not suggesting that you go easy on yourself and not set goals and targets. Nope. But just realize that it’s not going to exactly be a walk in the park. It would require effort, mentoring and the need to forge new relationships.

It’s exactly for the same reason, pregnant women go for regular checkups and register for antenatal classes. So they can get the expert advice and guidance of a doctor, bond with other pregnant women and seek solace from their own personal pregnancy battles and swap war stories.

Mukampande Kabuyani, 19, is examined by a nurse at the Zimba hospital where she expect to deliver in few days. Because of long distances they have to travel and the lack of transports, women they have to camp near thre hospital long before they suppose to deliver.

As an entrepreneur, your dream may take nine (9) months to bring to birth- even as you adjust mentally, emotionally, socially and financially into your role as an entrepreneur or a self-employed profesional. Then it may take yet another nine (9) grueling years of hard labour to get mature within your industry. Finally it is indeed entirely possible for you to need another (9) years to gain global recognition.

So don’t be too hard on yourself right now thinking your baby (business) would never walk just because it seems to be crawling at the moment. No good parent gives up on their 2-year old kid just because they’re aren’t talking, walking or earning money just yet. Neither should you!

Give yourself time to grow. And in the meantime network like crazy with other entrepreneurs so you can learn from them (kids who go to school speak better, become more confident and develop better interpersonal skills than those who don’t). I should know this being an expert of sorts with two kids of my own… plus my mum owns a school (wink).

Also get a great coach or mentor that has blazed the trail you intend to walk now. That way you avoid unnecesary pitfalls, getting lost or discouraged along your journey.

One last piece of advice, don’t go around telling anyone and everyone on just how pregnant you are. Not everyone will share your excitement with you. It’s not you, it’s just who they are. So nurture your pregnancy and protect it from the naysayers and pessimists who are always willing and ready to tell you on just what a terrible mistake it is to be pregnant now.

Trivia Questions:

1. Have you ever had a one-night stand?

2. What stage is your business in right now? Pregnancy, toddler, adolescent or adult?

3. Would you like the time duration of pregnancies to be cut by half?

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6 thoughts on “Purpose is like a Pregnant Woman

  1. I totally agree. With a focus all u need eventually comes in an grows. The problem is we get trapped by comparison. Thank you for your simple down to earth and realistic to relate instances.