Remind Me Again, What’s Your Excuse?

My daughter celebrated her 1st birthday on Wednesday.

I closed on 3 different speaking engagements on Thursday and also had a haircut. Yes, it’s non-stop action over here.

I was out with some friends hanging out; eating fish and chips- it’s the standard Thursday evening after-work-hours recreational activity here in Abuja.

Along came this middle aged man with a limp, he had with him a black bag containing some CDs he’d recorded and requested that we buy his music mix. He explained that he had been involved in an accident several years ago and lost the use of one of his legs. Hence we should encourage him by buying one copy of his Christian music.

First I don’t know why beggars always pick me out in a crowd. Maybe I have a kind face…. maybe… I dunno (don’t judge). But I also have a brain behind this “kind” demeanour. So I asked him why he assumed that just because he had lost a leg, we owed him compassion and should become his customers or fans out of sheer pity for him. At this point I didn’t know if he was a beggar or a charity organisation or a business man leveraging on sympathy.

I took pain to explain that there are very few people in the world of 7 billion people who make a living by using their legs, sportsmen like footballers, boxers, baseball players need both their legs. Sure.

But the rest of us basically use our just our hands and head. Don’t get it twisted now, our legs are good for running from dogs and jumping over gutters. But that’s not really profitable, if you know what I mean?

Then I gave him some unsolicited free advice that next time he could get a music CD player to help his potential customers determine if music was worth listening to (I’m always on the job). No one wants to own crap even if it’s for charity. I remember the Girl’s Scouts, “Brownies” as we called them when we were kids, still bake good cookies and cakes.

Bottom line- there are no excuses. You can do anything and be anyone if you put your mind to it. But blaming the government, your family background, skin colour, parents or loss of a limb is pretty lame. Move on.

Oscar Pistorious isn’t letting the lack of both limbs hold him back from winning medals and laurels and quick paroles. He gets by without both legs. Kim Kardashian didn’t let a sex tape put her down either. Neither did Arnold Schwarzenegger allow his heavy German accent deny him of fortune and fame as an actor and politician. We all know what Stevie Wonder did with no eyes and Beethoven did even though he was deaf.

So what’s your excuse?

Lose it.

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