Repsect Your Hustle

The Morality of Doing Business with Talent

Do you usually find yourself suckered into providing your services for free to family and friends?

I know many doctors and lawyers who are close friends of mine. Many struggle with this one thing. They have a reprehensible fear of charging family and friends for personal services.

Young consultants just starting out, coaches of every shade and type whether its fitness, lifestyle, fashion, money, youth, marketing and even finance coaches; as do so many other service-professionals in many industries who also suffer this affliction needlessly.

Listen up, please if there’s any lingering remnant of moral repugnance stopping you from asking for payment for services rendered I implore you to expunge it from your soul.

May these pathogens die by fire!!! Recieve brain I pray.

Listen my good friend! People value more of what they can pay for! Call it equal to the effect of a powerful placebo, the expensive type.

Even the subtlest self-hatred or lack of worthiness of your profession is enough to make you disadvantaged in any sales-conversation or what had the potential of becoming one…. but no. Instead subconsciously you had to sabotage yourself and entirely discount the power of framing the mindset of your friend-turned-client-in-need into fully appreciating the subtle power of payment for services rendered. Yes, give a generous discount, if you must, but please demand a fee in cash or equivalent kindness.
Just ask yourself, who is to say whether or not it is okay to charge for your personal services. And if you feel its okay to use your talent for charity, please feel free to. But I dare say that an accumulation of concerted efforts of your several years of experience and knowledge acquired through hard-work, study and talents is definitely worth charging a decent amount for.

Come on, they (your friends) pay their mechanic to take a look at their car engine, they also pay their barber, the street hawker who sells them vegetable and the butcher who supplies meat and all the others get paid.

Why not you?

If you keep thinking your talent or skill is free and so why charge a fee. You’ll nearly always provide less than your best. Not to mention soon go broke and embarrass your family and friends.
Is that fair?

Most malaria patients appreciate their doctors service in the middle of the night. By the time the danger has passed and they’re back on their feet, the hospital bill looks ludicrously expensive.

It’s the law of diminishing appreciation.

Show some respect for what you do straight up. And others will too respect your hustle.

What’s more? You will then speak about your chosen profession with even more confidence and pride. And those kind of emotions are infectious and cause even more sales, bookings and referrals, thereby creating a virtuous cycle.
It’s okay to be charitable but make sure it’s for the less fortunate and not some friend looking to take advantage of free labour.
No….not good….not good my friend….give discount instead. Be cheap labour not FREE labour.
Do us all a favour my friend. Respect your hustle. Plus we (needy clients) may also need the additional placebo effect or mental edge to fully believe in the efficacy of your services and fully appreciate the advice far better than we would were it given free like beer parlour gossip.
We all value the 100 U.S dollar more than our 1,000 Naira simply because we place more value on it. Its our own perception.
How much value do you place on your personal service?

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