Responsibility vs. Autonomy

They gave us Independence in 1960 and then we gained autonomy. We had our oil fields to drill, rubber, palm oil plantations, groundnut pyramids, copper, tin, coal, gold, limestone.

What have we achieved with all of these natural endowments? Not very much! But we like to point fingers and make up conspiracy theories to shift the blame and responsibility.

So who is responsible for the madness?

The corruption?

The mass failure?

The weakness of the naira and a shaky democracy?

Its so easy to point fingers. And so we all point our fingers. In the end, it is you and I. We’re all equally yoked with a Green Passport. So what have you done about it lately?

John F. Kennedy said, “Don’t ask what the government can do for you…” That’s because the honest answer is: “Not Much”. Its hard to develop a higher sense of responsibility when you’re feeling entitled. Seek instead to do more for your nation as we enter 2015.

Warm Regards,

Ebuka Anichebe J.P

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