The Right Time to Sack Yourself

In the beginning when you started your business, the first few months you tried so hard to please your customers and attract new referrals through word of mouth marketing. You went the extra-mile for each job and provided extraordinary service.


After a long while, your business has become quite successful, cash-flow is now predictable, your bank account officer sends you complimentary gifts and customers are lining up at your door.


Then you forget all the things you used to do that attracted and retained these customers. Your #EGO gets in the way and most times, you start feeling too important to attend to the small needs of a customer!


After all… you have built a brand! You are the genius here, not them. And you’re the one with the big luxury sedan parked outside.


It’s not your fault. It’s called Hedonic Adaptation: getting so used to the good things in your life, so much you no longer feel grateful to have them and automatically reset to your baseline of happiness or fulfillment.


When you feel you’re better than your customer, please consider sacking yourself as the Managing Director and hire someone else.


Get a person whose ego will not get bruised by answering the phone at 7:30a.m in the morning when an irate customer calls to make a complaint. Take an upgrade and become the board Chairman instead.


The purpose of business is serving the customer. If you ever get it twisted, just think of former glory days of big brands like Oceanic Bank, Mr. Biggs, Tantalizers, or Arik Air and remain humble and dedicated to serving your customers.


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