Risking it All

I think the reason most people don’t sign up for the role of Business Development or sales position is due to the risk of being rejected on a daily basis when trying to convert prospects into customers. It’s also the same reason most people don’t sign up for network or multilevel marketing as a viable alternative route to financial independence and eventually financial freedom. And the same reason you didn’t ask out your first crush out on a dance.

The fear of rejection is largely borne out of avoidance of pain. Pain here will be on an emotional than it is physical. So we avoid occasions that would demand that we are vulnerable and put ourselves and our work out in the open to be criticized or compared by a stranger seating on the opposite side of the table.

But what is really in a “no”? Why does it sting so much? There’s really nothing in a tiny word “no”, it’s our representation of the word that makes it carry so much weight and power over us. We must learn to instead reframe a “no” to mean “not now”, “no money budgeted for that”, “not the right time”. We must see it for what it is, a simple and harmless word. So march over to your bathroom mirror and say the word “no” a couple of times to yourself in various languages, different tones and tempos until you feel comfortable enough to embrace it entirely and it loses its sting.

Ultimately, we realize that the avoidance of this nature will ultimately lead to us either avoiding failure and inadvertently also avoiding success. They are two sides of the same coin. You embrace every opportunity knowing it can present either heads or tail. There’s no way of telling how it’s going to play out from the beginning without first of all trying to hear a “Yes” first. Inaction is the same thing as failure. Only when we risk massive rejection do we have the possibility of seeing our dreams come to reality.

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