Russian Roulette

Would you rather be bitten by a black mamba or a black widow spider? If you’re like most people, you wouldn’t even want to be bitten by either at all.

So the problem I have isn’t choosing between Buhari or Jonathan. The challenge which I have, like many other Nigerians is even having to choose between either one. One of the candidates has been known to embrace corruption. The other has been known to threaten the government with violence for losing his elections.

So the second challenge which I’m also facing is whether or not to heed to the sound of warning from the daily bombs and massacre of thousands in North Eastern part of the country and flee to a better society. Or should I stay and pretend to be overly brave and patriotic?

Having to choose has never been more tricky. I’ll rather pass on being forced to choose between either candidate of PDP or APC. I have no love to gain or lose from either politician nor party. I’m either completely jaded of the process or this must be plain apathy.

Someone said as followers we get the leaders we deserve. I refuse to accept that. Personally, I feel Nigerians deserve a better choice of candidates. However this is the present reality, so Russian roulette anyone?

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