A writer wakes up shortly before sunrise to begin writing the second chapter of his book, an Olympian wakes up the same time to begin his daily exercise routine even though the games is 2 years away, a gymnast forgoes a plate of chocolate cake for salad to watch her calories, the body builder spends more time in the gym than on a couch watching Big Brother, the list goes on, a student declines his peers offer of a cigarette amidst scorn and mockery for good health.

The price for greatness is sacrifice. Sometimes we simply must let something else go in order to get something else we desire for. It is difficult to reach the next level if we insist to keep operating on the same level we always have. Something has to give way; some habit has to yield for a better hobby to replace it. What we’re willing to sacrifice is usually commensurate to the goal we desire to achieve.

What do you desire to achieve? If you’re yet to gain any real traction towards achieving this goal maybe it’s time to ask yourself what are you willing to let go in order to reach out and grasp that desire and dream and turn it into reality.

I love my bed, in fact my bed and I are have a not so secret love affair, but to achieve the goal of having this book written, I had to sacrifice several precious hours of sleep even in the middle of the Christmas holidays to get it done before the madness of the day begins with parties to attend and the noise. What are you willing to let go of?  It usually is a tough call but it ultimately determines just how much you desire that goal.

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