Shaking the Table on Customers Attitude

The customer is king. Yes.

And bad kings are sometimes deposed or worse still, disposed off.

Look guys, just because you pay for something doesn’t mean you should speak rudely or crudely to the service provider! For me I just ask for your account number and make a refund. I refuse to serve people who violate my values. But not everyone has the guts to do this. I get…

But if you like continue..That’s how you end up eating somebody’s spit or catarrh in your salad! Go and continue beng rude to the waiters or the girl taking your order on the phone!

Just because the Uber dude is using his car to pick you doesn’t mean you should demean him.

Just because you paid for the hotel room, doesn’t mean you should scorn all the staff working there. Same for the teachers at your kids school.

Character forming is a spiritual exercise and that means showing your virtues to all men and not reserving it for a few. Plus you never know what extras, little favours or vital intel the little guy can do for you with a smile and friendliness.

Be courteous and civil.

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