Humans can Evolve at Will!

Dogs, monkeys and elephants cant do that..

Dogs, like all other life-forms are driven by instinct.

It doesn’t matter whether you dress them up in expensive designer clothes. They will still bark at every passing stray cat, urinate on trees to mark their territory, and then go smell each other butts.

Human beings are the only creatures that have been given free will to change and self-develop. At any given day, we can make a decision to change and of you like evolve to live and lead a higher life.

But not dogs. Not other animals either. Maybe they have to wait for tens, hundreds and sometimes even thousands of years and evolve.

But not you. You and I can change any day we want not only on New Year’s day.

We can take a different direction on our career, stop a habit, dump a limiting belief, adopt a new lifestyle. Learn and become anything.

So as we wind down the year 2018, take an audit of your life and think of what you need to change so you can become better every year NOT just older every year.

Happy End of Yearmy good friend.

I’ll see you next year 😁

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