Stop Relying on Beer Parlour Knowledge

Eagles don’t take advice from vultures on how to catch prey. Neither do wolves don’t take advice on how to howl from dogs.

Asking a neighbour or your parents about what they think of your new business idea, network marketing, or career choice when they’ve NEVER done anything similar can be compared to a young doctor asking an old lawyer his opinion on how best to conduct a successful heart surgery!

Age is not a prerequisite for wisdom. Please take a moment to write that down.


To be great, you must model the best. Success leaves a track record, and truly successful people are all too happy to share from their wealth of knowledge.

Don’t rely on beer parlour knowledge! Free advice isnt the BEST advice.

Grab a copy of The Smart Hustler Playbook. This is my most generous work ever!

I shared secrets that have taken me from earning N30,000 a month salary to building a N300,000,000 consultancy business.

The book reviews too are lit 🔥🔥🔥the insights 💡💡💡 are guaranteed to keep you up all night rethinking your strategy. Afterwards get on the phone and enjoy a 30mins coaching using insights you gained from the book.

And then finally you can also choose to join The Smart Hustler BootCamp and once and for all you can stop relying on your civil servant friends for advice on becoming a Smart Hustler as you’ll have direct access to me to vet and run your business ideas.


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