Story: The Hare and the Hound

A white hare was nibbling away at some plants in a field one day when she noticed a hunter she had never seen before patrolling the area with his hound.

Now I have two new predators to outwit, the animal thought, and since that hound is a lot younger than l am, he’s probably a lot faster too. To offset the hound’s speed, I’ll need to know every inch of terrain by heart.

Seizing the initiative, the hare went out to the fields at dinner time when she knew the hunter was not around. She studied every hiding place, every bush and the path through even- bramble. A few days later, the hound spotted the hare and gave chase. The hare darted through the fields, bushes, and underbrush, and she easily- escaped. Tired and disappointed, the hound returned to the hunter.

A goat-herd passing by saw the whole chase and began to berate the hound. “Some hunter you turned out to be huh! You ought to be ashamed of yourself, letting a hare so much smaller and older get the better of you.”

“You’re forgetting one thing,” the hound replied. “1 was running for my supper, but that hare was running for her life.”

Initiative is the child of necessity


Personal initiative can mean the‎ difference between business failure and success. So when you envision something or someone to be a threat, it could be a new business competitor down the road, a new neighbour, or some hot-shot new recruit at the office or a new wife‎- don’t just sit there brooding and folding your arms waiting to see how much better the competition really is.

Instead get busy and improve on yourself, stretch yourself and be in a battle-ready stance. That way, you’ll gain momentum and easily outwit and outlast the new entrant who would be expecting you to just fold over.

More Aesop stories tomorrow. Check back soon.

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