Strategy of The Smart Street Hawker

Using The Law of Reciprocity as a Business Model


The Smart Street Hawker who sell groundnuts will go about football fields, airports car parks, plazas, public recreational parks and bus parks shouting “Sweet groundnut” and when a request is made, she is willing to give you a stranger a handful to taste.

Her conversion rate from prospect to customer is 80%.

Such is the power of practising the Law of Free when marketing your products and services. Here are 3 examples:

1. As a baker, give your customers a sample of what the wedding or birthday cakes will feel like by offering cupcakes.

2. A massage therapist can offer complimentary foot massages to customers of a specific hotel. Give them the opportunity to upgrade to the full body.

3. A hospital or pharmacist can give free blood sugar test or blood pressure check to its visitors since most sick patients are brought in by relatives.

You can even give free advice! Use your unlimited imagination…

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