Strength in Diversity

We belong together

I think Nigeria is uniquely positioned for greatness naturally by virtue of our diversity.


The American Industrial Revolution and technological revolution happened largely because they have since encouraged diversity through immigration and acceptance of skilled labour from all across the world- the Italians and their art and taste, the Africans with their immense strength and musical ability, the Indians with their thousand flavours and spices and even the Arabs with their money, oil and religion.


We all need each other for Nigeria to take its place at the table of great nations. The Yoruba with their intellectual sagacity and music, the Igbos with their business acumen, the Hausas with their political strategic planning and diplomacy.


We need the Calabar for their hospitality and great culinary skills, the Urhobos + Ijaws and Ishekiri with their courage and of course Warri’s brand of humour, the Edos with their ingenuity and craftsmanship.


We belong together and all need each other. So before you write another hate comment on social media….





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