Stuck between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Buhari can brag about not stealing public funds as much as Jonathan can boast of not having shoes growing up. That’s rhetoric. It’s all sound-bites made to whip up public sentiments. Really doesn’t matter much, especially in the face of the fact that being innocent of one crime doesn’t make you less guilty of other equally heinous crimes.

Jonathan was once a reluctant president. He seemed to take forever before assuming his constitutional right as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria after the demise of the late Yar’adua.

In less than a month, both candidates will go head-to-head for the people’s mandate. Everyone’s asking for a free election. I’m just wondering if this is the best candidates Nigeria can produce. Honestly, there’s not much to choose between both presidential candidates. I, like most young Nigerians, feel that there is considerable apathy of the entire political process, especially amonsgt young professionals in both upper middle class and the elite. However I like most expected that the opposition should have provided a more credible candidate. A candidate with more vigour and knowledge on leading a country in the 21st Century.

The elders say no matter how long you look at the clock, you can’t turn back the hands of time. So going forward, can we stop having mindless lavish campaigns all over the 36 states of the Federation and have an intelligent debate between the Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates. Am I the only tired of hearing empty promises and propaganda? I’m sure a huge and growing number of Nigerian’s want to hear plans and projections to move the nation forward.

Speaking of which, perhaps just as women demanded for 30% inclusion in political appointments, perhaps it is high time the Nigerian youths made the same demands. Or else in 2019 it would be deja vu all over again.

On a final note before we leave this issue of corruption which seems to be the pivotal point the campaign is based on ‎corruption. Let me be categorically clear, none of the candidates can deal with corruption. No single individual can deal with corruption. This is because corruption is no longer just a thing people do, it has quickly become a way of life for most Nigerians. So rather than dwell on corruption, we should be hearing plans on judicial reforms and in the light of austerity measures, it would make sense to also review the fat salaries of our Legislation and huge official overheads of the Executive arm of government.

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