Success and Happiness

‎Success doesn’t always lead to happiness. But success is a by-product of happiness.

Success is largely about achieving what you want – whatever that is. Some want a job, a baby, a raise, a promotion, a goal. When they achieve that, you could describe their efforts as being ‘successful’

Happiness on the other hand is a value that more treasured than just being successful‎. It is a value that increases when you’re able to hold on to momentary joy over prolonged period of time. It is about not just having more achievements but also about wanting what you already have.

Happiness comes from being grateful for all that you’ve worked for and been blessed with. The more gratitude you practice, the more happiness you would experience and cause others to also enjoy.

So take a moment, count your blessings, write a list and put it in your wallet. Whenever you’re feeling down, take a look at that list and watch your mood experience a lift.

Happy people invariably become successful people. But which came first? The happiness or the success? I’m willing to bet it was the happiness that came first. No one gives a raise, promotion, date or job to a sour-puss. But a happy fella just seems to draw people to himself (or herself) like insects are drawn to nectar.

A happy wife makes a happy home. A happy man makes a pleasant work place. A happy child makes visitors smile. Practice being a happier person by becoming more grateful for each and every day that’s been given to you.

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