Success Leaves Clues

Success leaves clues. Successful people have habits and beliefs that work for them. Fortunately habits and beliefs cannot be monopolized. Anyone of us can CHOOSE to learn these habits and reap its attendant benefits.

The challenge of course is our natural resistance to change. So we remain with the same circle of friends we made while at the university or work-place and cut off many other options to enlarge our social circle, meet new successful persons and learn new habits, new beliefs and hopefully a few new tricks from them.

Most people I come across would rather stick with their mates and remain in their current comfort zone. Don’t hang out with only your mates and age-grade. Don’t let ego decieve you when you feel like you’re doing much better than your mates and choose to remain there. Go a notch higher than your present pay-grade. When the tide is high all the boats rise. Your boat too will rise. Don’t be afraid to rock it sometimes.

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