How to Survive an Economic Winter

Often times I hear people complain about the situation of things in the country, from bus parks to airports. Nigeria is undoubtedly going through a recession or as I like to call it, an economic winter.

And the citizens are reacting quite naturally. In the animal forest, during winter season, plants lose their leaves (banks sack their staff), birds migrate (people emigrate to Canada), brown bears hibernate (small businesses fold up), trees don’t produce fruit (government agencies no longer pay their staff). These are reactions that have already been well documented in the newspapers and also from mere observation.

Not every animal or plant will react the same way. Some respond more intelligently.

The biggest source of stress is feeling that we have no control over our lives & future. The cure starts with taking action even if there’s no immediate payoff.


So start with what you hope for. Never wait for perfect conditions. Do what you can with what you have where you are. Like Winston Churchill famously said, “It is not enough to do our best, sometimes we must do what is required.” Go beyond your own imaginary boundaries and you’ll be surprised about the elasticity of your capacity.

Never edit your dreams to fit your present circumstances or situation. The past isn’t a good predictor of the future. Change can indeed happen in an instant, if only you choose to see this differently and stop generalizing one event and projecting it on every other event.

If you can imagine it, then you can create it- good or bad. Imagination is thinking like no one else. Innovation is doing what no one else has. You too can refuse to be a part of the recession. It starts with recognizing that this is a season and it too shall pass. But just because there’s no money in a particular sector, state or industry doesn’t mean there’s no money everywhere.


Realize also that you are not alone in this journey, there are 170million other Nigerians still looking for solutions to everyday problems. Therefore resolve to learn more and more importantly be more. Be more creative, be more innovative, resourceful, daring and be of more value in the market place.


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