Taking Advice

Eagles don’t take advice from vultures on how to catch prey. A cat won’t take advice from a pig on how to keep clean.

Asking a neighbour or your parents about what they think of your new business idea, network marketing, or career choice when they’ve never done anything similar can be compared to a young doctor asking an old lawyer his opinion on how best to conduct a successful heart surgery. Age is not a prerequisite for wisdom.

To be great, you model the best. Success leaves a track record, and truly successful people are all too happy to share from their wealth of knowledge.

So here’s a list of my Top 5 favourite people whose broadcasts I’ve learnt a lot from this 2014:

I. Akpoveta Valentine. PIN:76A8BFDD Success coach and author. We share a lot in common. This dude is just deep. He’s like a reincarnation an old wise man.

II. Coach samObafemi. PIN:7F709BD1 Emotional therapist and an Anger Mastery coach. He’s a YouWin consultant for SME’s. He’s more useful than a toolbox.

III. Adeh Jones. PIN:7B93D444 Parenting Coach. Great insightful write-ups! Must add for all great parents looking to build well-rounded kids. Should be knighted.

IV. Dr. Malik King. PIN:7F559CE8 For well researched health issues and other stuff you’re too shy to ask your family doctor face-to-face. Straight talking.

V. Dayo Samuel. PIN:265561A9. When you are ready to own a more professional blog or really understand the magic of social media, this dude is the MAN.

Take advice from ONLY those who have successfully achieved what you intend doing. Stop relying on beer-parlour knowledge.

Warm Regards,

Ebuka Anichebe J.P

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