Test Your Faith

As you grow through life you’ll see that it takes the same amount of brain power, physical energy and even time to make N100,000 as it might take to make N10,000,000.

Super brain

The difference however is knowledge, imagination and faith. Your knowledge gives you an edge in refining your natural and cognitive abilities in seeking out opportunities. Reading a book a week will make you a much smarter version of your old self by the end of each year. Reading a newspaper a day drives away ignorance; it also ensures that you’re never at a lack of words to say in a social gathering and makes you a lot more informed and interesting as a fellow passenger in the airport or on a flight. Never be too busy for your own self-improvement. Utilize “dead times” while waiting in the lobby for your next appointment, using the loo, stuck in Lagos traffic, waiting for your wife to finish wearing her make-up…. you get the picture.

Your imagination produces the innovation required to make your product or service stand out of the maddening market place and serve a wider circle of ideal customers. Someone had the crazy idea of selling stones and branded them as “pet rocks“. He made millions of dollars.


Someone else had the other equally crazy idea of putting three holes in a blanket and calling it a “Snuggie“. He also made hundreds of millions of dollars.


Your faith enables you to act based on your wild imagination. This could be your faith in your abilities, personal power and more importantly the God whom you serve. That He isn’t only capable of dividing the Red Sea, walking on water or turning water into wine but also very able and willing to move your mountains or give wings to your ideas so they can fly.

Parted Seas

Parted Seas

So go ahead and test your faith. Dream a bigger goal. Dare to go x10 not incrementally. Your brain definitely has the capacity. It’s your faith that’s lacking. Dare to do more.

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