The Bitter Truth!

Getting Feedback from your staff for your self improvement


So on Monday 7th January we resumed work at the office.

We started with the goal setting for the year.

And I laid out to my team, the expectations for everyone: areas for improvement, clients to focus on, trainings they must attend, books they must read etc.

Then we shifted gears and had what I think is best described as a Bitter Truth session.

Now it was their own turn to tell me as it is!

They told me areas where I needed to improve, behaviours I need to drop, times where I had failed or hurt them and then we looked at things that worked last year and what can be improved upon.

It was a humbling experience (for me). But I’ve had these good people working with me for 6 years and some 7 years, so I know I need to pay attention.

And it pays to listen to your team. I know I’m not perfect, far from it… my wife will tell you. But I dey try for this self improvement thing.

Everything and everyone needs improvement. Sometimes as CEOs and business owners we can’t automatically self-correct our faults because we cant even see them!

So listen to your staff and don’t assume that you are the only one that should be dishing out performance reviews.

N/B: Listening is a hard skill to master for many. Don’t get defensive when they speak. Resist the need to defend, make yourself a cup of coffee, pay attention, take notes and don’t make it any more difficult for them than it already is. Its hard enough already for them to “risk” their job by telling it as it is!

Still working on this matter myself…

Thanks Nonye and John!

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