The Difference between Price vs. Value

I bought a book, The Blue Ocean Strategy back in 2012 for N3,000. It is such a great read!

Later on, I repackaged and converted part of the information I gained from the book into a fun, hands-on 3-day training programme.

As at today, the Applied Skills for Business Innovation has earned our organization over N60,000,000 and served over 3,000 students! That’s how much the book is worth.

Cost is easily measured in naira or dollars. Value however is the utility or benefit you gain from using a specific product or service over a period of time.

Cost is a logical appeal. Value is an emotional appeal.

It is the difference between what the price of something is and the worth of it.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

The cost of my latest book: The Smart Hustler Playbook alongside the 30 minutes coaching is just N5,000. The value is easily in excess of over N50,000,000.

One of my students from February 15th just bought a house from the game-plan I shared.

You decide which you want more. My mission, passion and vision is to raise multi-millionaires.

I’m on track… presently enroute Keffi now to train 40 members of the Federal Ministry of Finance on the same subject matter.

Request for your copy today. Let’s get smart about the hustle. Hit reply and let’s talk!


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