The Evolution of Juju

Science or Sceance?

A friend of mine who is also a brilliant medical doctor, Obinna Aligwekwe, tells the story of how in the olden days, when one was suspected of stealing or witch-craft, one was given the Calabar Bean seed to swallow to prove innocence.

The order was to SWALLOW it.

Those who were afraid or knew they were guilty, kept the seeds in their mouths, did not swallow it and died.

Those whose conscience had nothing to fear, swallowed it and lived.

Enter The Europeans: The Calabar Bean extracted. Active ingredient isolated.

Eserine, the active ingredient of the Calabar bean, is now called physiostigmine, world famous anaesthetic.

The active ingredient, when kept in the mouth for long periods, paralyses the muscles and kills the person, exactly what happened in Calabar.

When swallowed, the same ingredient is neutralised by the acid in the stomach.

People who were afraid to swallow it because of fear or guilt died because of the active ingredient.

People who swallowed it, had the active ingredient neutralised.

That is the scientific unravelling of juju.

Fastforward to 150 Years Later…

The Europeans have successfully turned Eserine into drug used in treating glaucoma.

The African man still uses Eserine to hunt witches.

Juju is simply crude science undefined.

Even science looks like magic itself.

The only difference is science proponents are humble enough to give credit to science for unravelling the truth, while juju priests enjoy confounding their spectators.

There is nothing metaphysical about juju more than science.

So keep an open mind. Keep learning. Keep experimenting. Keep growing.

I’ll see you at the top… of a plantain tree 😊

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