The Lies We Hear About Marketing

People think they need to be at 10,000 followers before dishing out their best content or cashing out BIG time on I.G

I am not one of those people. I have been dishing out great content since my 1900 Blackberry Bold waaay before 10k followers on the gram. But dont get me wrong 10,000 is great but you can still be cashing out at 1k.

Thankfully the good Lord doesn’t need 10,000 followers to bless you!

When it comes to marketing, the aim is to always have a bestseller. That’s why they call it “best-selling author not best-writing author”! And the awards, glory and fame goes to the platinum selling artiste not the golden-voice artistes.

So as a business owner, you want an item that sells and performs well in the marketplace.

Getting the right answer to this is posessing the right mix of the right messages on the right platforms from the right people.

This is what I coach people on all the time. Its like a combination lock on a #samsonite, once you get all 3 numbers it comes open!

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One thought on “The Lies We Hear About Marketing

  1. So true!!!

    In the pursuit of raising my followers on IG, I almost lost sight on the scope of my business.

    Reading your book and the reawakening 30 minutes free consultation I received as the complimentary gift of my book purchase has helped me changed my lane and back on the right track…

    …working on my website now and will soon contact you on my follow through tasks.

    God bless you Sir for blessing us with your knowledge.