The Power Of Choice

You become the outcome of your fiat- the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’s’ so choose wisely. Nothing can stop a man with confidence and the right attitude and in the same way nothing can help a man with a negative mindset. I’m a diehard optimist and I wasn’t born this way; rather I trained my mind to become broader and open to possibilities. You too can!

Regardless of what names you’ve been called in the past realize that ultimately only you have the power to decide who you really are. Ben Carson was called stupid; he went on to become the world most respected surgeon. Thomas Edison failed Mathematics at an early age and was called mentally challenged, he went on to invent the electric bulb and was called the father of modern mathematics and physics.

I’ve been called a dreamer and laughed upon. My ideas for life at a much earlier age were often the butt of jokes from some of my family members and friends.

Today I sell those ideas for a living and have consulted for the biggest conglomerates in the country. At the end it is never between you vs. them, it was always between the 2 sides of your mind- positive and negative battling for dominion over your life.

On the journey of life we sometimes come to a crossroad where we must choose what path to follow. Sometimes at this crossroads there’s usually no sign to tell us which is the right or wrong path to follow.

We’re left to our intuition, guided by our needs, or the advice from family or friends who may most times be speaking based on empathy not experience. I’ve come to the crossroads and made my decisions.

They haven’t always been right, but you learn from your mistakes and pen it down as your experience and retrace your steps.

Although I’ll admit its easier said than done for the main reason that as humans we’re hard-wired to win, so it makes it harder to accept that you were wrong or admit you made a wrong judgement call.

Ultimately you need to also realize that when you’re in a hole, digging deeper won’t get you out of it.

Let me share my story with you.

As a fresh graduate and at the peak of my youth as a bachelor, I was obsessed with a dream of owning my own night-club, even though at the time I had precious little money to actualize this dream.

Fast-forward a couple of years and I had successfully launched a widely recognized property magazine and also built a growing consultancy firm, but even more importantly was the fact that I was also married and we had just been blessed with a baby boy when the opportunity to own a night-club presented itself on a platter of gold.

My default response to opportunities is to say ‘Yes’ and think of the logistics later.  So began my foray into the business of running a night-club.

Being quite good at marketing, it took barely a month for the club to gain traction and soon make its mark, what I however soon also realized that I needed to invest personal time into making this work.

I needed to spend more time at night at the club, and away from family- I soon realized why they call this business “the home-wrecker”.

In this business, the public relations matters even more than the initial marketing, the guests are usually drawn from your circle of friends and their friends and it then it grows on and on that way.

I had come to another crossroad- to choose between investing more time in my 3 month old business or my 10 month old marriage and 1 month old son. I sold the business.

You always have the power to choose what path to follow in life. What you don’t always have is the liberty of knowing how it would turn out. However what we miss out in foresight we must make up in hindsight and choose to either go forward or retrace our steps.

Just because you made a choice which turned out to be a wrong judgement call doesn’t mean you are a failure neither does it imply you must stick with that decision for the rest of your life.

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