The Power of No

Most folks are scared of rejection. We equate the word “No” to mean complete failure. So we stall, we procrastinate, we avoid many situations that carry a potential for ever hearing a no.

In order to avoid hearing the tiny word “No”, we inadvertently avoid also hearing a “Yes” to our ideas, proposal, services and requests.

A “yes” is on the other side of a “no”. Successful people understand this and so they get past each no without losing steam or taking it personally.

A farmer focuses on the seeds that eventually sprouts into tiny plants rather than cry over the other seeds that fell on the roadside or on rocky patches or shallow soil.

You too can do the same, choose to intentionally focus on the outcomes you want and not the ones they don’t want. Change your approach but not your goal.

Warm Regards,

Ebuka Anichebe J.P

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