The Smart Street Hawker

Excerpt from The Smart Hustler Playbook

A groundnut seller who is smart will go about football fields, public parks and bus parks shouting “Sweet groundnut” and when a request is made, she is willing to give you a stranger a handful to taste.

Her conversion rate from prospect to customer is 80%.

Such is the power of practising the Law of Free when marketing your products and services.

The possibilities are endless and applicable for everyone. As a car dealer, you allow your customer have a free test drive of the new car before making a purchase.

As a business strategist, I usually give the first 30-minute session as a complimentary gift to allow my client see if our services naturally fit with theirs.

As a perfumery, you give away free samples.

As an electronics dealer, you let clients see what the new 72 3D Samsung television feels like before making a purchase.

As a suya seller, you give a free taster. A drycleaner can give a free dryclean of one suit to every new walk-in customer.

A hospital or pharmacist can give free blood sugar test or blood pressure check to its visitors since most sick patients are brought in by relatives.

You can even give free advice!

As I mentioned earlier, the possibilities are endless and its application is universal.

The effect of a free giveaway is that you will inadvertently trigger in the recipient of such favour, a need to reciprocate your kindness and purchase from you.

Otherwise, they’ll tell everyone about what a great person you are free publicity is always good.

Excerpts from: The Smart Hustler Playbook. Grab a copy, reply the email and let’s fire up a chat whether this could be useful for you.

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