The Story of an Old Crocodile

Strategy vs. Tactics

The old crocodile was floating at the rivers edge when a younger crocodile swam up next to him.

Ive heard from many that youre the fiercest hunter in all of the river. Please, teach me yourways.

Awoken from a nice long afternoon nap, the old crocodile glanced at the young crocodile with one of his reptilian eyes, said nothing and then fell back asleep atop the water.

Feeling frustrated and disrespected, the young crocodile swam off upriver to chase after some catfish, leaving behind a flurry of bubbles.Ill show him, he thought to himself.

Later that day the young crocodile returned to the old crocodile who was still napping and began to brag to him about his successful hunt,

I caught two meaty catfish today. What have you caught? Nothing? Perhaps youre not so fierce afterall.

Unphased the old crocodile again looked at the young crocodile, said nothing, closed his eyes and continued to float atop the cool water.

Again, the young crocodile was angry he couldnt get a response from the elder, and he swam off a second time upstream to see what he could hunt.

After a few hours of thrashing about he was able to hunt down a small crane. Smiling, he kept the bird in his jaws and swam back to the old crocodile, adamant about showing him who the true hunter was.

As the young crocodile rounded the bend, he saw the elder crocodile still floating in the same spot near the rivers edge.

However, something had changed  a rather large zebra was enjoying an afternoon drink just inches near the old crocodiles head.

In one lightning fast movement, the old crocodile bolted out of the water, wrapped his jaws around the great zebra and pulled him under the river.

Awestruck the young crocodile swam up with the tiny bird hanging from his mouth and watched as the old crocodile enjoyed his 600 lb meal.

The young crocodile asked him,Please tell me how how did you do that?

Through mouthfuls of yummy zebra flesh, the old crocodile finally responded,

I did nothing.

Doing what matters is far more important that busy-bragging or majoring in the minor.

Spend more time on your strategy not tactics.

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