The Story of Enough

Why me isnt enough? I will tell you why.

For I cant accept myself as I already am and I need others to feel complete.

I need others to tell me how great of a person I am in order to feel good and like my status updates on Facebook.

I need a partner to complete me for without a partner I am not whole, I m incomplete.

I need others to tell me how beautiful and intelligent I am.

I need others approval in order to feel validated.

I need others to tell me I can do unbelievable things for without their encouragement I will be nothing.

I need, need, need, and all that I need is something I believe is missing from my life, so I look for it out there, everywhere.

I look for it in you, and you, and you

I feel so drained, I feel so weak.

And suddenly a thought occurs,

What if I stopped the search and looked within?

I might not be lost, theres still some faith

Some faith for me, some faith for you.

And then I find, my way back home, way back to love and back to ME.

I was once lost but now Im found.

“You surrender to a lot of things which are not worthy of you. I wish you would surrender to your radiance your integrity your beautiful human grace”.~Yogi Bhajan

Always remember that there is nothing about you lacking.

In this moment you are enough, you know enough, you have enough. You are a beautiful creation, a work in progress.

What would happen if you suddenly realised that you are enough? That your talents, virtues and gifts are enough to create a fortune for yourself and your family? What would you do? What would you create?

You are enough. Look inside again.

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