The Story of Nigeria

Excuse me for not saying "Happy Independence Day"

If an 18 year old girl was to be named- Nigeria, her story would be of a minor in this movie called LIFE.

The sad tale of an 18 year old that got gang raped serially from old uncles and yet her younger brothers for some weird reason refused to intervene.

The old uncles would routinely also bring “outsiders” into this despicable orgy.

The outsiders were justified as long as they brought in dollars.

Her young brothers who were youthful?

Well…they dare not complain about the despicable orgy.

Or they risk getting punished by their big “uncles” living in Minna or Abuja. The uncle’s from the Class of 1966 who have decided the fate of the country for decades.

Some say it’s a perceived or imaginary risk; but they cower in fear all the same.

Those brothers who are prone to be vocal about the ongoing rape either get shut-down by their fellow young “brother” or bribed into silence with dollars.

Depending on how you roll your dice.

The uncles do not care. Truth is, back in 1966 they didn’t care much. And even since 1999, they couldn’t care less.

Just as long as they can keep raping your sister.

We may have gotten our independence from the British but after 58 years post-independence and 18 years of Democracy, are we better off on the social and economic indices: level of education, health coverage, per capita income and political freedom?

Our forefathers may have fought to be free TO govern themselves.

We must now fight to be free FROM bad governance.

Until then we remain bound by the shackles of our collective misery of bloodshed, divisive politics, religious and ethnic battles and a culture steeped in poverty, nepotism and overall mediocrity.

Excuse me from saying, “Happy Independence”, I have an aversion for bullshit and hypocrisy.

And may the souls of the innocent slain in Plateau and Benue State rest in peace.


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