Through Mistakes We Grow

At age 6, when I tried riding my first bicycle, I fell countless times. Eventually though, I learnt to ride with no hands.

At age 14 when I tried driving for the first time, I went off-road too many times. Till date I’ve driven over thousands of miles with no accidents.

At age 20, I got duped in my first business. But I’ve started many more. Trained CEO’s and senior managers in hundreds. Made a small fortune along the way.

You see, any mistake can be seen as being just that — a temporary mistake. Either you learn from it and move on with the lesson. Or you can see it as a permanent failure. You point fingers at others and yourself and you don’t move on.

You may not be able to change what happened. But you change your perspective and control what happens next.

You’re the Director. Make Your Life a Blockbuster.
Warm Regards,

Ebuka Anichebe J.P

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