Translate “Corruption” in Your Language

Corruption has no name. It has no culture, no language, no political ties, it practices no religion nor can it be tied to a particular ethnicity or geographical location – even the Chinese, Canadians and Chadians have to battle with corruption on different levels.


Yet corruption thrives on these very factors- the same factors that ties our very identity of being called a typical Nigerian. The average Nigerian on the street develops their sense of identity and pride in these factors to represent who they are: religion, state of origin, political affiliation and ethnicity.

So by these very distinctions, most crooked politicians play their cards and cook up their lies and propaganda. They will distract you with stories of their petty squabbles while they seat at a table and gobble up your share of the national cake. Pickpockets do very well in a distracted crowd.

So forget the published headlines of quarrels and differences amongst top politicians, army generals and elected officials; but instead focus on the facts that affect you personally. Choose to pay attention to the bank lending interest rates, exchange rates, historical data, personal accomplishments, tax records, earnings from Federal Government revenues, government monetary policies, tax laws, business regulations, budget figures, contract sums, salaries and bonuses.

The devil is in the details not the headlines.

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