Understanding a Misunderstanding

‎While chatting with a bunch of friends the other day, someone told me off, first he asked why I was constantly writing these stories. Without waiting for an answer, he went further to say my articles were “too generic”. ‎

That last comment hurt my feelings a little bit. But I masked it with a cheerful smile and calmly told him that it was the first time anyone had accused me as being too “generic” in my writing. And that being a syndicated author with several of my articles published on national magazines, newspapers and several blogs beg to differ with his opinion.

But the main reason I write is essentially to increase the number of success references and to share life experiences with fellow entrepreneurs, small business owners and my fellow mankind in general who are interested in getting better at their art; not because I am a story teller but because science shows that stories are how the human brain is wired to learn. Don’t believe me? Can you recite the 10 Commandments in the next 30 seconds?

I didn’t think so too. Still finding that hard to recall especially Commandment 9 and 10? Ah! Shame on you!

Okay, now replay the story of David & Goliath in same 30 seconds in your head.

I guess you’ll find that much easier.

And I don’t only share stories of success, sometimes I’ll write on where I have made mistakes (Lord knows I’ve had my fair share) and where others have also failed. Because both success and failures have lessons inherent in them. Life is a journey and we can’t all have the same experiences at the same time. But we can learn from each other through these stories so that when we are at crossroads, we can refer to the insights from someone else who has walked this path before us and it helps guide our decision.

After this explanation, he went quiet. I don’t know if I convinced him. But frankly, I can’t be bothered. ‎Not everyone will understand your vision or purpose. Jesus couldn’t convert everyone. Neither could several of the greatest prophets who have ever walked this Earth. So why beat yourself up?

Find your tribe and serve them. Forget about the family and friends. No they are not “haters”, and neither are they exactly “jealous” of you. Most likely is the fact that they just haven’t come around yet with your identity. Jesus had that problem. So did Moses, Gandhi, Prophet Mohammed (peace upon him) and Joseph and a bunch of other people more brilliant, important and with a longer, whiter beard than yours. ‎

Understanding that people won’t always understand you is understanding enough. Understood?

Be gentle on yourself. ‎

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5 thoughts on “Understanding a Misunderstanding

  1. Wow, even in this write up you have proved yourself-not generic . I am sure you convinced him. I am even more convinced myself. You make sense. You fan your talent to flame. God bless you.

    • Thanks Elias. We do our best and measure our own standards against our highest expectations and dreams. I’ll keep trying to beat those goals I set, not one set by someone else. So should everyone.