Last weekend, the CORE Development Initiative, an NGO for youth education and empowerment, hosted a cross-section of stakeholders on a panel to discuss Entrepreneurship, Employment and Education.

I stated clearly to the youths gathered that despite the statistics, I just didn’t believe in unemployment, even though half of the hall earlier claimed to be “unemployed”.

I told them unemployment is just another synonym for idleness or maybe laziness. Idleness was waiting for an apple to fall rather than shaking the apple tree. Waiting for ideal conditions.

To be employed, simply pick a problem amongst the many that exists in your neighbourhood and solve it. Don’t wait to be picked anymore, pick yourself up and decide to do more. It is the nature of opportunities and luck to go after busy people. Besides, entrepreneurs are nothing but problem solvers.

Obviously after my food for thought, I don’t suppose I made any new best-friends amongst the unemployed crowd… But really, who needs those kind of friends?

Warm Regards,

Ebuka Anichebe J.P

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