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Strengthening Our Democracy- One Voice at a Time

Yesterday morning I got a flurry of phone calls and messages from concerned friends and well-wishers who saw a news report that was posted by Sahara Reporters on my encounter with the Nigerian Police Force.

Some folks were of the opinion that I request Sahara Reporters to take down the report so I am not viewed as an enemy of the state, especially since I do a lot of business with government agencies. We even have a pending proposal at the Police Command HQ at Louis Edet House.

Others were filled with pity and worry about my own personal safety.

A few even mocked me that “ordinary 30k I can’t dash boys”.

Wow! Just wow!!

All good intentions though. But here is my take on the matter.

First of all in a nascent Democracy like what we have in Nigeria, we must learn to use not just our vote once in four years, but also constantly lend our voice to social issues plaguing Nigeria.

We must speak up when faced with social injustice and moral decadence.

It is wrong to have our voices muffled when we witness an abuse of power or miscarriage of justice either because we aren’t personally affected, or to protect our status-quo, or just plain fear.

National heroes like Tai Solarin, Fela Anikulapo Kuti and MKO Abiola fought and died so we can enjoy the freedom of our present-day Democracy. It would be an ignominy to be quiet and allow your freedom of speech to be trampled upon so carelessly.

And even though I won’t advise anyone to go head-to-head with a drunk policeman touting an old AK-47 rifle, please do us all a favour and ALWAYS speak up against such incidents to higher authorities, civic societies and the press.

Democracy is strengthened when we as citizens use both our votes and our voices wisely.

On my part, I will continue my crusade to build human capacity through training programs and interventions. Training can save lives and directly contribute real insights and value.

Here is the full report as recounted by Sahara Reporters:

#StayWoke #UseYourVoice

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