Wandering Eyes

Stay Loyal to Your Hustle

Guys, you know the feeling you get when you’re stuck in traffic with your boo in the passenger seat and she’s staring at the driver of every exotic looking Mercedes-Benz or Jaguar that passes by? And you’re silently wondering if she’s a material or just really into fast cars?

Ladies, do you know the feeling you get when you’re with bae and he’s looking at every girl in a tank top, mini skirt or clingy dress? And you’re wondering if he’s a player or just really interested in human anatomy like a physiologist?

That’s kinda the same thing your mind registers when you start to compare your progress with that of someone else.

So what if they have just bought a brand new Mercedes-Benz?

Or landed 100k followers on Instagram? Or took a trip to Barbados?

Or gotten a huge contract with the NDDC?

Was that your initial goal?

Are you running the same race?

Are you in a competition?

Why trouble your spirit with your wandering mind?

Beats my imagination!

Stay loyal to your game. Stop jumping ship every single time just because someone else landed a major gig in a different field.

Only strive to beat your former records and achievements; its the only path to achieve personal satisfaction and a sense of achievement without the unnecessary envy & despair brought about by competing and comparing yourself against others.

Trivia Questions

1. Do your eyes wander sometimes when you see an image stunning beauty? And it makes you wonder if…



2. Does a wandering eye mean a wandering mind?


3. Do all men have a naturally wandering nature that’s biologically programmed?


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