What Are Friends For?

Here are 6 Great Uses

Well there are six core uses for making friends and building relationships in the world today whether through online platforms like Facebook and Instagram or regular good old face-to-face interactions.

1. For Self-disclosure: Friendship is being honest with each other.

Sharing our innermost secrets to others doesn’t reveal us to them. It also reveals something about the hearer to us- will they judge us? Be supportive? Understand our fears and hopes?

2. For Validation: To reassure us that our ideas, ideals and choices are accurate. That our business idea is solid and our strategy for implementing is sound and logical.

3. For Companionship: Misery loves company. Happiness divided among friends multiplies. Good friends are needed in both bad times and good times, online and offline.

4. Instrumental Support: To offer tangible support such as sharing our latest product launches on their wall, lending you money before your next salary, being a speaker at your next event or raising funds for a social cause.

5. For Conflict: Nothing as important as a friend to sometimes challenge your thinking and behaviour.

You need friends to make an intervention if ever you’re addicted to alcohol or drugs. Or set you on the right path when you go astray.

6. Conflict Resolution: Good friends can help mend bridges and resolve thorny issues you may have with other mutual friends and sometimes with estranged family members.

With all these 6 uses for friends, you can see how strategic you should be about building your friendships in 2018 both online and offline.

Simply fulfil any or all of the above six to be considered a great friend.

P/S: The easy way to build relationahips is still through communication. So when you see a great post, make a thoughtful comment, don’t be stingy with likes and then hit the share button.

Don’t be a lonely guy.

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