What are You Investing In?

Usain Bolt has won 9 gold medals in last 3 Olympics and he has ran less than 2 mins on the track.

That’s economy of effort!

Bolt ran for less than 115 secs in total in his 3 Olympics careers and made 119 million dollars!

That’s more than $1million for each second he ran! That’s a new unit of speed for the “run” for money… $1Million/sec.

But for those 2 mins, he trained  for 25+ years!

Now that’s what I call investment!!

Question now is, what investment are you toiling for presently?

What I’m suggesting is that personal and professional greatness takes work. I’m not someone who would ever tell you that you could get to your dreams without having to make some sacrifices and pay the price in terms of dedication and self-control.

The best amongst us make it all look so easy. Robin Sharma calls it  The Swan Effect  – elite performers like Usain Bolt,  Simone Biles and Michael Phelps make personal excellence look effortless and seem to make things happen as gracefully as a swan moves along the water. But like the swan, what you don’t get to see is all the hard-work taking place below the surface.


The best way to create spectacular results in the most important areas of your life is through daily practice.

Again the question is: What are you investing time and energy into daily that will one day compound into a mountain of success?


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