What Colour is Your Guardian Angel?

The Need to Think about Your Thinking

The default settings of the human mind over time should be subjected to certain questions as your mind gets exposed to new insights, ideas and ideals.

But if you’re still thinking the same way as you thought when you were back at the University, then are you really growing?

You may be growing old without really growing up- mentally, emotionally, socially or spiritually.

Resist the ease of having a closed mindset that doesn’t allow you the freedom to think for yourself, challenge your old ideas and develop new mental models for critical reasoning.

What race is your guardian angel- Caucasian, Black or Chinese? When did you decide that?

What colour is your God? How does that affect your relationship with Him? Whoever said God was a male?

What language do you think in? And how does that affect the way you reason?

Challenge everything by thinking about your thinking.

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