What Do You Call Yourself?

At the NNPC petrol station a few weeks ago, I was accosted by a pretty lady who did her best to convince me to buy her unbranded bottles of “pure, unadulterated juice”, at least it what she claimed them to be. I had a hard time believing her though because the bottles had no name, NAFDAC number or branding whatsoever.

I asked for the pretty lady what her name was, she gave it to me. Then I enquired why she felt she needed a name regardless of her stunning beauty and she said, “Everybody has a name”.

And I told her, every product deserves a brand name too. Then drove off with that lesson leaving her in deep thought and about a half dozen chilled fresh juices.

I have never seen a commercial sex-worker introduce herself as a “runs girl”. When questioned on what she does for a living, she claims to be a student, model, video vixen, beauty queen, dancer, actress, entertainer, job applicant or again student (it’s really quite popular).

But since I was born and now I am getting old, I have never seen a street hustler say she’s just a whore. Never!

Business Lesson: Have some respect for yourself. Call yourself a better name. Give yourself a better label and you automatically expand your identity. What the heck is “job applicant” or “school leaver”? It’s the equivalent of going about saying, “Hi, I’m Igbo” or “Hello, I’m black”. Plain redundant.

Refine and then define how you see yourself. Build your brand profile and you will raise your game naturally.

Sure it requires street savvy and guts. Use of your head and a lot of heart to win. But head first…


Trivia Questions:

  1. Why do most conversation starters have to begun with “What do you do for a living?”
  2. Have you ever had a sex worker or gigolo,  introduce herself or himself as such?
  3. Have you defined what it is you do so the next time someone asks, you blow them away with your awesomeness?



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